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Since its inception in 1993, Ruehlin Associates has provided executive-level Career Transition Seminars for over 65,000 senior Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, Coast Guard, and civil service personnel. In addition, Ruehlin Associates conducts the popular Career Decision Workshop, which objectively compares the pros and cons of military vs. civilian careers, along with providing a variety of personalized career management/counseling services.

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What makes Ruehlin Associates programs so popular?

Ruehlin Associates seminars are well-known and respected among military and civil services, not only because of the amount of material covered and the fast-moving pace, but also because of the sensitive and motivational treatment of what can be a very serious and stressful situation. Indeed, the vast majority of our participants, ranging from E-7 to E-9 and O-5 to O-10, tell us the Ruehlin Associates program is the best training experience they have ever had! Click here to view a few of the testmonials we have received from our clients.

Seminar participants are at a critical crossroad . . . whether it be deciding to continue in government service, or navigating from retirement to a successful private sector career. What they need most, and what we provide, is a clear understanding of the issues and a road map, delivered by consultants who transmit a sense of understanding, yet are demanding enough to provide a meaningful and successful product.

The Ruehlin Associates programs are dynamic, motivational, educational, and enjoyable!


Purchase Books Online
Due to popular demand, our book, What's Next?, is now available for purchase online.

Client Page
A Combination Resume template (Microsoft® Word document) is available on our "Client Page." Click "Client Page" on the menu bar and login with the username and password provided by your seminar trainer.  The login information is also in your copy of What's Next?  Don't have a copy? Click here to order online!

NAVNET Networking
NAVNET is a worldwide group of current and former military members whose primary purpose is to assist each other in career transition. They maintain a list of registered NAVNET members and contact information, which is used by NAVNET members to make personal contacts, and to gather information on specific companies, individual transition experiences, and general job market conditions. For more information, visit

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