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Career Decision Workshop

The Career Decision Workshop is a proven, cost-effective means through which military leadership can, in conjunction with ongoing DoD initiatives, directly influence retention. These workshops have been conducted for over 20,000 officers and enlisted personnel in the Army and Navy.

Ruehlin Associates' retention workshops come in two flavors. The Senior Officer/Enlisted workshop provides training on career decision issues and how to counsel individuals on career issues. The Junior Officer/Enlisted workshop is provided to give officer and enlisted personnel an objective comparison between the service and the private sector. The workshops are 2 to 4 hours in duration.

The accompanying manual, Career Decision Counseling: A Guide for Senior Military Leadership, provides practical information to be used when counseling junior military personnel who display career potential. While some specific data and information may differ, the basic philosophy and suggestions apply to either case—officer or enlisted.

Topics covered include:

Career Choices
  • Discuss the nature of the private sector
  • Provide a discussion as to the “whys” and “wherefores” of how a person makes a decision to make the military a career or to leave it for the private sector
  • Provide some data relevant to making a career decision, including a comprehensive analysis of compensation
  • Stimulate creative thought within yourself
  • Discuss career counseling in general and provide some tips on counseling junior officers and junior enlisted personnel
  • Stress the importance of communicating with your juniors in a positive verbal and non-verbal way

If your command is interested in conducting a Career Decision (retention) Workshop, or if you would like further information, please call Mr. Ken McGhee at 619.464.4047.

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